Raised in Cuba and steeped in the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy, AJ Fernandez produces unparalleled premium cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua. Ensuring superior quality, the day-to-day operations at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua, are managed under the watchful eye of AJ himself. Through a fusion of inherited technique and learned patience, Fernandez filler tobaccos are grown from prized seeds which are proprietary only to the Fernandez family. Perhaps the most essential quality of the AJ Fernandez line of cigars is the perspective and motivation of AJ, as well as the history of the Fernandez family.

“My Grandfather first started growing tobacco in pre-Castro Cuba, in our hometown of San Luis. I was taught the importance of patience and time honored methods when working with premium tobacco and have been blessed to have been given many of Cuba’s most coveted cigar making secrets. The key to my success is an uncompromising commitment to that tradition. My company is dedicated to the memory of my Grandfather Andres Fernandez and my father Ismael Fernandez.


San Lotano

With a rich history, San Lotano dates back to Cuba’s pre-Castro era, where the brand was among the most popular, with traditional Cuban cigar makers. Retired for decades, the line was reintroduced by A.J. Fernandez, whose grandfather first started the brand, in San Luis, Cuba. San Lotano has enjoyed tremendous praise by cigar smokers and critics.

When first introduced, the San Lotano Oval received high praises, as the number two (2) cigar in the world, by Cigar Journal, and received a top 25 ranking by Cigar Aficionado. A.J. Fernandez proudly displays the San Lotano logo, on one of his curing barns in Estelí, Nicaragua, as homage to his grandfather and family legacy.